Posted 05/31/2021

B&G Shuttle no longer shuttles on the Madison River.

We will have your vehicle and trailer where you want it, when you want it.

Here is how it works

You call and provide the following:

  • your name (first and Last)
  • Description of your vehicle make, model, color (Ford, F150, Yellow)
  • where you are putting in on the river (Pine Creek),
  • where you want to take out of the river (Carters Bridge),
  • What time you are putting on (10:00)
  • what time you plan to be out (2:00)
  • where are you leaving your access to your vehicle (gas cap),
  • where do you want the access returned (Same)

We will tell you to leave the amount for the cost of the shuttle in the driver visor. We will need the information of each vehicle in your group. Discounts available for veterans.

Be timely with getting on the river, if you are late getting on the river that may have an effect on many other shuttle customers.
Please book prior to 1 pm of departure date. Operation hours between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m
ATTENTION* if you want a late shuttle from 4 pm or later, please request the shuttle no later than 3 pm, B & G drivers need a heads up to schedule these late requests
Don’t hesitate to call if we can help.